Ibiza is an ideal destination for families – the many sides of a Ibiza, ensure that island always has something for everyone and it’s up to you to choose your idea of paradise. Parents who are new to chartering a boat with their kids, often ask themselves if their children will enjoy their time aboard. Most seasoned yacht charters will tell you that the answer is a resounding yes! Children have a natural relationship with the great outdoors and seem to instantly absorb the energy of the sea.

Es Vedra surrounded by yachts in the the bluest of seas viewed from a boat chartered in Ibiza and Formentera
Atlantis where the stones for Dalt Vila were carved and moved to Ibiza town somehow in Phoenician times around the 16th century


1. SAFETY. If you are taking very small toddlers onboard charter agency will ensure all safety gates and nets are in place to ensure children don’t walk into unsupervised zones. For mid sizes and larger kids the rule of one hand or you and one for the boat applies. You r caption will brief you on the safest places to be whilst the boat os moving. It is also advisable that kids swim with a buddy and possibly an inflatable if they are not strong swimmers. The water in Ibiza and Formentera camn be very calm and still and is ideal for little kids. At least one adult should be in charge of children at all times so create a schedule with your partner and stick to it, or if you prefer you can ask your agency to recommend a child minder service who will ensure your kids are well looked after all day.

2. KEEP THE KIDS ENTERTAINED. By all means bring your children’s favourite toys, colouring books and other favourite play things on board. There will also be a selection of sea toys like snorkelling gear, paddle boards and inflatables on most boats, and some even have a seadoo available for your use., which will go a long way to keep kids from getting bored. Please ask your charter boat agent to confirm the sea toys that available on your charter boat, are appropriate for your Childrens age and size (e.g. there should be children’s water skis, wakeboards, etc.) before departing. For activities such as snorkelling, it is always helpful to bring your own mask if your child is really little. They can also practice at home in your pool or even in the bathtub, and make sure they have good equipment that fits well and they feel confident using.

3. HIRE THE RIGHT CREW. Most charter boat crew are accustomed to entertaining children. Some crew members are even trained in minding children and will be happy to bring books, toys and face paints, for your little ones. Be sure to let them know if this is required and stipulate the age of your children as well as any personal preference.

4. PLAN YOUR JOURNEY. It takes just a few hours to charter a boat from the southern part of Ibiza to the bejewelled waters of Illetes beach, ensconced in the north of Formentera Island. This length of voyage is ideal for toddlers and younger children. If you are travelling longer distances, you can always stop on a nearby beach so kids can play on the shore and run about, expending some of their energy.

Older children, especially those who are keen on exploring new lands, will enjoy longer trips. For this age group a weekly charter is often the ultimate vacation. The LuxCharters Ibiza team can advise you of the best charter boat to visit Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca. This trip offers a real spirit of adventure and dolphin spotting is not uncommon along the way,. Mallorca. was voted the second best island in Europe and the sixth best in the world by TripAdvisor, and is famed for its golden sands and crystalline waters. The rich architectural history and the serene mountain range of Tramuntana, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This trip is ideal for parents and older children who love sightseeing as much as they cherish the beach life.

Irrespective of age, an overnight stay on a charter boat is something that dreams are made of. The lull of the boat, gently rocking, along with all the fresh sea air, seems to get children to drift of to sleep effortlessly. And the memories of waking up in a secluded cove, is something that families seem to cherish forever.

5. PREPARE THEM FOR ADVENTURE. If you are considering chartering a boat, spark your children’s interest in sailing by teaching them some basics. Get them excited about Ibiza and Formentera – learning about some local mythological stories, or some local flora and fauna to watch out for. The extent to which your children make nature and the sea a part of their lives in their adulthood, depends every inch on the input you give them now. The more comfortable a child is in the sea, the more likely they are to pursue related activities, including snorkelling, sailing and jet skiing.

Children who are planning on chartering a boat overnight can ask the captain to teach them how to steer, how to use a compass and wind indicator, flag etiquette, knots and they can even try their hand at steering the dinghy. In many ways, a charter adventure will give your child’s self-confidence a big boost, since they can actually learn so many vital skills in just a day or a week.

6. MAINTAIN A CALM ATMOSPHERE ON BOARD. Don’t raise your voice or your kids will instantly follow suit; allow the water and salty air to instil the sense of relaxation that benefits body, mind and soul.

7. CHOOSE THE RIGHT BOAT. Depending on how many people are travelling, the tastes of your children and the activities you plan on carrying out, choosing the right boat is vital.

Depending on your budget and time availability, you can rent a yacht, catamaran, sailboat or motorboat for a day or for the entire week. If this is your first time at sea with your kids and you just want to test the water, a day charter is ideal. Make it last all day and night with a sleep aboard experience you kids will cherish for a lifetime.

Things to think about include beds (do your children prefer double or single beds?), size of your charter yacht and how many crew you will need. LuxCharters Ibiza is a professional boat charter agency offering super-yacht, yacht, catamaran, sailboat and motorboat charters, so you have many beautiful charter yachts to choose from.

Boat passing the famous Benirras rocky outcrop at sunset in the sea off Benirras beach in northern Ibiza
Four yachts at anchor at Cala Tarida in the turquoise blue waters at sunrise in Ibiza
Four yachts at anchor at Cala Tarida in the turquoise blue waters at sunrise in Ibiza
Boat passing the famous Benirras rocky outcrop at sunset in the sea off Benirras beach in northern Ibiza


A sailboat is a great way to celebrate the beauty of the sea in tradition; sit back and let the crew do the work you can also ask them to teach you and your children the beauty of sailing. The elegant sails and spacious decks, will impress you as you sail slightly keeled over to the sparkling waters of Formentera, Espalmador and beyond. Many sailboats were built for adventure and almost all have a tender on board which is ideal for hopping on and off shore. They also usually include sea toys like wakeboards, tenders, paddle surfs, water skis and even at times a sea banana.


Chartering a catamaran to sail the waters of Ibiza is a great choice when travelling with kids, since these boats have lots of space to play inside, they don’t rock as much when tacking, and kids have a great time jumping off the stern and lying in the net between the hulls. Our catamaran portfolio is varied and includes basic catamarans, that have a general capacity for 10 guests plus one crew members which are mostly available for day charter only, island, Formentera. A range of Eco- Cats which have no cabins and are 100 per cent solar powered – perfect for teaching your children about the importance of sustainability. At the other end of the spectrum, we have a selection of Supercats that fall into the super yacht category. Typically these charter boats are ultra modern design, with high speed capabilities and plenty of living space, with separate crew accommodation ideal for large families and groups of friends.


If you have always ‘felt the need for speed’ a motorboat charter with your kids may be the ideal holiday adventure. The key lies in selecting the right boat. At LuxCharters Ibiza, you can take your pick from our large portfolio of motorboats. Most motorboats have spacious saloons, comfy rooms for children to nap in and accommodate 8- 12-people comfortably for day charter. They typically include features such as a superb sound system, top-of-the-range sea toys and a skipper and crew – to ensure you get the most out of your yacht charter.


For the ultimate luxury experience, a superyacht is unbeatable. Their safe and sturdy flybridge, is built to keep little ones safe and to function as a romantic deck from which to enjoy the view of a lifetime. Crew are on hand to ensure your littleness are taken care of at all times and space is at a premium so there is ample room for faceprinting and colouring, and keeping the kids are entertained. In fact these boats are so spacious that each child will easily find their special nook beneath the sun All superyachts include a tender for watersports and typically there is a range of sea toys available for your exclusive use.

Private charter yachts in the turquoise waters of Cala Saona in Formentera
Crystal clear waters and fine sands of Illetes beach in Formentera with a yacht charter moored there to the left of the island


Many of our charter boats are available for multi-day or week long charters. This allows the whole family time to find their space and bond in a unique way. Days can be spent snorkelling, paddle boarding or island hopping with your children, travelling on the boat’s dinghy to explore the coves and bays of the nearby islands. Many opt to hop beach club restaurant to turquoise bays and beyond while others go in search of adventure. At night, when bonding time comes around, gather on deck, under a blanket of stars to gaze at the milky way, to hear and tell stories of Phoenician traders and civilisations of old who once made these islands their home. Learn about the ancient Carthaginians who named the island in honour of their Egyptian god. Discover why Es Vedra is considered magical and stop in Atlantas to see the old stone quarry from which the castle foundations were cut. And when the time comes, slip comfortably into your private cabin to be lulled to sleep by the rental rocking of you charter boat. Discover the other side of Ibiza.




Amazing super yacht charter in Ibiza moored at sunrise


Couple navigating in silver and red Vanquish motor boat charter in Ibiza Spain


Sailing yacht charter in Ibiza Balearic Islands Spain


Catamaran in waters near Formentera while on yacht charter in Ibiza