What’s included in the charter rate?


Each yacht or motorboat should clearly say what is included in the rate and what is extra. Normally, your captain/skipper and crew if applicable, any water sports as described, as [...]

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What’s the deal with last minute bookings?


Lux Charters Ibiza specialise in last minute yacht and motorboat charter bookings. We work with our partners who sometimes have last minute availability, to create special offers for our clients. [...]

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What is APA?


APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance, and is a simple and efficient system designed to allow for provisioning the boat, with minimal hassle and straightforward record keeping. The APA in [...]

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How to pay for a charter?


In order to book a boat, you need to pay a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. We collect this on behalf of the boat owner. This deposit can be [...]

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How is fuel consumption calculated?


Just like renting a car, when chartering a boat fuel is an additional charge. The boat owner is not looking to profit from the fuel and generally fuel consumption is [...]

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What is IVA?


IVA (VAT) is European value added tax. The rate in Spain is 21% and this figure is added to the deposit of the charter and the final balance. This applies [...]

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Do the boats really look like they do on the web?


Lux Charters Ibiza is striving to include some date-stamped photos to show you that the boat’s condition is as expect when you arrive for your charter.

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Giving a tip to your captain and crew is completely voluntary and entirely up to you. Should you wish to tip the captain and crew, we recommend tipping around 10% [...]


Do children count as adults?


Yes, the capacity of a boat includes children, so if a yacht or motorboat says capacity 11 plus skipper, and you have 4 children, then you can only have an additional [...]

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