How long is a charter?


You can charter a boat in Ibiza for as long as you want: a day, two or three days, a week or more, it is entirely up to you and [...]

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What if we are more than 12 people ?


If you have more than 12 people, you can choose to add a tandem boat to carry the extra guests and when stationary, the group can choose to be together [...]

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What’s included in the charter rate?


Each yacht or motorboat should clearly say what is included in the rate and what is extra. Normally, your captain/skipper and crew if applicable, any water sports as described, as [...]

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Where can you go on a day charter?


Before recommending an itinerary, we like to talk to you to try and discover what you want to get out of your charter. Whether it's a day, two days or [...]

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What is a crewed charter?


A crewed luxury yacht, motorboat or catamaran charter has a permanent crew that takes care of the yacht and its passengers. The crew in addition to the captain/skipper includes stewards, [...]

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Do the boats really look like they do on the web?


Lux Charters Ibiza is striving to include some date-stamped photos to show you that the boat’s condition is as expect when you arrive for your charter.

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Giving a tip to your captain and crew is completely voluntary and entirely up to you. Should you wish to tip the captain and crew, we recommend tipping around 10% [...]