Catamaran Rental Ibiza

Lux Charters Ibiza has a selection of catamarans for charter in Ibiza, some for day charter or for a week on the water. Catamarans are ideal for those who are looking for a sailboat, but would like more space and a bit more stability on the water. Often recommended for larger groups and families with children, they owe their stability to their two parallel hulls, which essentially give it a wider beam than a single keeled monohull sailing boat. The hulls are bridged by a deck and allows for larger and more spacious living areas. Typically the cabins are found below within the hulls, usually with their own bathroom. Above, the hulls are bridged by a giant ‘trampoline’ spanning the entire foredeck area, ideal for lounging on and relaxing in. More>

Ibiza Catamaran Finder

Use our Ibiza Catamaran Finder to filter the catamarans and get in touch to find out more about renting a catamaran. Call +34 605 44 84 66 (or WhatsApp), or email us for more info. You can use the HEART to add to your FAVOURITES LIST for easy review.


Boat Hire Ibiza

Catamarans are known for their more eco-friendly, green credentials and have significantly lower fuel costs than motorboats. However, the main advantage of a catamaran is space. Below deck there is far more interior space on a cat than a monohull and cabins tend to enjoy a little more privacy, as they are located further apart at each end of the two hulls. Some catamarans have an “owners cabin” layout, whereby the length of one hull is one cabin.

Catamarans are increasingly becoming a top choice for boat rental in Ibiza since they are spacious, modern and come with a tender. Another advantage to sailing on a catamaran is the draft (depth) tends to be far less than on a sailing boat. Please bear in mind that a catamaran needs more wind for its sails than a sailboat.

Most of the catamarans include a skipper, and you can also opt for a hostess, who will look after you, making meals and snacks during the day. We also have some catamarans which are available bareboat ie without crew. You will need a valid license and be asked to pay a deposit in most cases.

Sleeping on a Catamaran in Ibiza

There are many different sizes and styles of catamarans, with their own characteristics. Most can comfortably sleep 8-10 guests, and often there is room for 2 more in the salon, sleeping on the convertible sofa. Their stability can make nights at anchor seem far more enjoyable and many people who suffer from seasickness, experience this less on a catamaran than on a sailing boat. For day charter, catamaran boats typically handle 12 persons on-board, due in part to Spanish licencing, and often this includes the captain and hostess.

Catamarans in Ibiza are rented from Saturday to Saturday by virtually all operators, please consider this when planning your holiday. If you need flexibility of dates, consider motor boat rental in Ibiza instead.