What time does my charter start?2016-07-01T16:50:44+00:00

Most charter days start around 11:00 and last 8 hours or longer. All boats are different and have different rules. Almost all want to be back in the marina before or by sunset. If you have a particular request, please ask. Maybe the boat offers extra hours for a paid fee and/or maybe you can tip the skipper and crew.

How long is a charter?2015-03-23T13:38:07+00:00

You can charter a boat in Ibiza for as long as you want: a day, two or three days, a week or more, it is entirely up to you and your budget. A day charter is normally around 8 hours or a little longer, depending on the particular boat you charter. You can start around 10am or at a time of your choice. You may wish to set off at midday and arrive at restaurant for lunch. Each charter is tailor-made to your requirements and we will discuss everything with you.

Sleeping aboard, in most cases, the owner normally asks for a minimum of a two day booking, but tell us what you want and we will do our best to help you get what you need. Sleeping aboard is usually in the base port or out at sea – sometimes there is also an additional cost, dependent on the boat. If you wish to moor at another port, we can arrange this for you for an additional fee. Tell us what you want and we’ll try our very best to give you a solution.

Why maximum 12 people on most boats?2015-03-23T11:36:45+00:00

Each yacht and motorboat featured on the website shows the number of guests, excluding captain and crew if applicable, that are legally licensed to travel on the boat during the day and the number allowed to sleep aboard. Some vessels are only licensed for 7, 8, 10 etc. The captain is responsible for the safety of your group and even if he wanted to, he is not allowed to carry more passengers than the license allows. The fines are too great and the consequences too severe to even contemplate breaking safety regulations. Therefore, should you require additional guests, the options are to either charter a larger boat or for groups between 12 and around 18, charter a tandem boat which can transport the extra guests while moving and be used for waters ports including water-skiing, wakeboarding etc. When the boats are stationary, the extra guests can be on the main boat.

What if we are more than 12 people ?2016-12-30T11:41:41+00:00

If you have more than 12 people, you can choose to add a tandem boat to carry the extra guests and when stationary, the group can choose to be together on the main boat. In addition, sometimes it is possible for the tandem boat to offer water sports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding and other inflatables – an ideal solution and a lot of extra fun. This can be a cost effective option for groups 13 – 18 people.

What’s included in the charter rate?2015-03-23T15:08:44+00:00

Each yacht or motorboat should clearly say what is included in the rate and what is extra. Normally, your captain/skipper and crew if applicable, any water sports as described, as well as the base port (unless the boat is unmoored), and a selection of complimentary drinks are included. What’s not included is fuel or mooring at another port, premium wines, food and any specifically requested extras. In certain circumstances, depending on the boat, sleeping aboard may incur an additional fee, but this will be explained prior to booking.

What’s the deal with last minute bookings?2016-12-30T11:41:41+00:00

Lux Charters Ibiza specialise in last minute yacht and motorboat charter bookings. We work with our partners who sometimes have last minute availability, to create special offers for our clients. We also offer a secure online payment system for complete peace of mind, ensuring that you never need to give out your credit card details, even after sending us your booking request, as we have a secure payment page with our payments partner, Sabadell. If you would like to more information on our latest last minute deals and regularly updated offers, visit our ‘offers’ page or call us on +34 605 448 466 to discuss your requirements and we will endeavour to find the perfect last minute charter boat for you and your party.

Booking charters last minute or in advance?2015-03-23T11:38:20+00:00

You can choose to book ahead and secure the boat you want, or you can choose to book last minute in order to take advantage of any discounts we have negotiated with our partners. If you choose to book last minute, it is important to note that you will usually only be able to book for the next day in mid and high seasons. Please also remember, when booking last minute, that it is important not to delay making payment when requested, as a delay could result in someone else booking your chosen boat. Either way, whether it is last minute or advance booking boat rentals, we are always happy to discuss your charter with you. Just call us on +34 605 448 466 and we will help find the perfect charter boat for you.

Where can you go on a day charter?2016-12-30T11:41:41+00:00

Before recommending an itinerary, we like to talk to you to try and discover what you want to get out of your charter. Whether it’s a day, two days or a week or more, we can work with you to create an itinerary that is bespoke to you.

Many of our day charters choose to visit the islands of Formentera and Espalmador, with pristine golden sand beaches and dream like turquoise waters. While others prefer to explore Atlantis and visit the well known island of Es Vedra while discovering secret coves and secluded spots along the way. Or you can choose to simply soak up the scene overlooking the most famous VIP beach clubs, the possibilities are endless…

Our captains have the experience and intimate knowledge of the local waters to ensure you get the most out of your charter. We can also recommend where to eat and even book a table for you at the latest hot spots. If you would like to know more about suggested itineraries and trips, take a look at our guide or call us on +34 605 448 466 to discuss your perfect charter itinerary.

What is APA?2015-03-23T11:28:09+00:00

APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance, and is a simple and efficient system designed to allow for provisioning the boat, with minimal hassle and straightforward record keeping.

The APA in effect creates a bank account for the Captain of the boat to provision on your behalf. Key provisioning items include fuel, food, premium drinks and any additional port fees. The APA is calculated by percentage, depending on the type of boat and anticipated fuel consumption. For sailing yachts expect an additional 20 – 25% and for motor yachts 30 – 35%. You will required to pay this additional fee, in cash along with the 50% balance when you arrive at the boat.

The Captain is obligated to keep all receipts and balance the account for you, and you are welcome to check the expenditure level at any time during the charter. At the end of the charter, the Captain will give you a full account of your expenditures and any amounts not used will be refunded to you. There are no mark-ups on the APA.

How to pay for a charter?2017-05-05T20:59:32+00:00

In order to book a boat, you need to pay a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. We collect this on behalf of the boat owner. This deposit can be paid securely through our website and we will forward the funds to the owner. You can pay this by any Visa or MasterCard credit card (this may be subject to a small handling fee of up to 2.5%) or via bank transfer to our Sabadell account (this must be cleared funds before the booking can be confirmed). The remaining balance is payable in cash on the day. For any additional costs including fuel, this is also settled on the boat – sometimes you may be required to pay for this in advance on the day, or after the boat returns to port.

How is fuel consumption calculated?2015-03-23T13:40:23+00:00

Just like renting a car, when chartering a boat fuel is an additional charge. The boat owner is not looking to profit from the fuel and generally fuel consumption is calculated by approximating the number of hours the engines are running and how much fuel they use per hour. If the boat is driven at top speed for the entire charter the boat would use more fuel than the cost of the charter itself, many times over. Each boat has an estimated fuel consumption value listed on the boat specification page of our website. Also, another factor to take into account is the speed of the boat. A very fast boat gets to the destination much quicker than a slower boat, so per hour it’s more, but overall it can be less. We advise discussing any fuel concerns and agreeing a fuel budget with us or your captain before setting off.

What is IVA?2016-07-01T16:33:24+00:00

IVA (VAT) is European value added tax. The rate in Spain is 21% and this figure is added to the deposit of the charter and the final balance. This applies to the charter fee and fuel. This is a tax that must be paid and there are big fines and penalties for those who try to avoid these payments. It can also affect your insurance cover should anything go wrong, so it is always best to pay the IVA. Certain items such as basic food and drinks are 10% rated and there is also a 4% rate for basic foodstuffs.

What certification to charter bareboat?2015-03-23T13:29:56+00:00

To charter a sailboat or motorboat, you’ll need a day skipper license / ICC (International Certificate of Competence) for the relevant class of boat. You’ll also need to pay an additional security deposit. If you are interested in chartering a bareboat please contact us directly on +34 605 448 466 as only a small percentage of our fleet can accommodate this request.

What is a crewed charter?2015-03-23T13:30:40+00:00

A crewed luxury yacht, motorboat or catamaran charter has a permanent crew that takes care of the yacht and its passengers. The crew in addition to the captain/skipper includes stewards, deckhands, engineers, and even masseuses and beauticians on larger vessels.

What’s a bareboat charter?2015-03-20T15:25:13+00:00

A bareboat is simply a boat that is rented without crew or skipper, you will need to skipper and navigate yourself.

Understanding laws and regulations?2015-03-23T13:32:18+00:00

All boat owners offering charter must abide by the local maritime laws and regulations. All operators must be insured and their boats must be seaworthy. In addition, captains must have the correct paperwork aboard. You have the right to see these papers prior to embarkation. In Ibiza, Coast Guards regularly check the papers of the boats and give out large fines if anything is incorrect. We choose our partners carefully, selecting only those who meet high standards of service and reliability.

Do the boats really look like they do on the web?2015-03-24T14:49:53+00:00

Lux Charters Ibiza is striving to include some date-stamped photos to show you that the boat’s condition is as expect when you arrive for your charter.


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